Most business owners and managers do not have time to learn complex computer hardware and software. They only have time to learn the essentials to keep them in control. Outsourcing NYC Technical Support Services, Inc (NYCTSS®)  Services, simply stated, is the process of contracting with our organization to provide pc technicians, trainers and website developers with skills matched to your needs. This puts you in control and allows you to concentrate on operations without being bogged down with all sorts of technical computer concerns. Our primary focus is to provide affordable, onsite computer services, training, website development and consulting to meet your specific business needs. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Our clients need fast, effective, computer, network and training solutions. NYC Technical Support Services, Inc (NYCTSS®) delivers what you need with same day service.
  • We understand within any project there may be a need to review technical solutions to find the best fit. We are here to service your needs both short and long- term.
  • Personal attention from a local technical services company focused on residential and small to medium size businesses. We look forward to proactively helping you solve problems.
  • Certified technical experts to help clients with specific software, hardware, training and website needs. Multi-platform & multi-discipline technical specialists.
  • Computer purchasing assistance and technology consulting for your business needs. Let us do the technical research and provide an excellent solution.
  • Reduce the costs of recruiting and screening in hopes of finding the right technical expert for your needs. We have the experts you need now.
  • We do not have supplier commitments which allow us to remain flexible if clients request certain product solutions.
  • Up front fee schedule with no hidden costs. This includes on-site service at no extra charge. This keeps clients informed and in control.
  • Clients save time and money by hiring our technical specialists for specific projects as needed.
  • Best-In-Class services at affordable rates. We offer cost saving computer solutions on-site at very reasonable rates. In some cases up to 25% savings over competing firms in our class.
  • Emergency on-site computer services. We offer onsite technical support packages with priority service to save you time and money in an emergency.
  • All of the advantages of having your own IT staff without the cost of a full-time IT professional on your payroll.
  • We make it easy. Call one company for all your technical project needs. We support residential and small business at affordable rates. We make it easy for you to evaluate our services at no risk.